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Work With Miami’s Top Business Lawyer

We've Helped Dozens of South Florida Businesses

Benjamin Franklin said, “Keep thy shop, and thy shop will keep thee.” Operating one’s own business is an exciting opportunity for any entrepreneur. People are attracted to business ownership for many reasons: profitability, opportunity, adventure, creativity, etc. There are many factors to success in business and the enjoyment of the benefits thereof. But, one of the necessary elements of “keep[ing] thy shop” is building the necessary legal structure and business advice to sustain the growth of your business throughout the life of the business. Your company’s success and failure can be tied to how it is structured and what is done with company assets.

We'll Get Your Company Setup

Starting a new business is an exciting time but it is also a time of important decisions.  Because a business owner is building and creating assets when they start a new company, it is critical that you do the right things to protect those assets.

US Businesses for Foreign Business Owners

For over 7 years, Robert Rogers has been working with international business owners as they seek to launch or expand their business efforts into the United States and in Florida.  Having developed an understanding of the challenges and concerns that international business owners face when entering a new market, Robert Rogers has positioned himself as an attorney that can assist with both the business as well as the legal concerns that an international business owner with face in the United States.

We'll Help Setup Your Small Business

Small business owners have unique needs and challenges when starting a new business.  Because of the sacrifice and investment that goes into launching a new venture, it is important to take the necessary steps to protect what you are building in a way that fits the goals and aspirations that you have within your business.  Robert has worked with businesses of all shapes and sizes in their company formation stage so that they can build their business with piece of mind.

Role of Attorney in Company Formation

Each business is different and each business owner is different. I have had the opportunity of assisting business owners with a variety of backgrounds and businesses of different shapes and sizes. By walking the business owner through the pros and cons of each alternative, I have been able to position them where they want to be and build the entity structure that best fits the things that they are trying to accomplish.